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My professional background is cartography (I have a degree from RMIT University) and I work at an urban design company.

I live on the Mornington Peninsula and work from home most of the time.

Professionally, I'm a member of the Geospatial Council of Australia.

Since late 2013, I have been expanding my spatial skills at home, details can be found on my Portfolio page.

My main hobbies are astronomy and railways.
I'm a member of the Dromana Presbyterian Church.
I'm also a member of the Dromana & District Historical Society.

Photos from past holidays, daytrips, etc: Flickr albums.

Other smaller web pages of mine:
Spatial Sciences - mapping links
4WD Links (including maps)
Links to Christian groups
The End of Democracy in the West
How the Dystopia Novels are becoming reality
Bible Maps and Atlases

Web pages of mine that are no longer maintained are as follows:
I do gardening and some cooking in my spare time.
Other interests are science & technology, aviation, civil engineering, military & intelligence (espionage), geography / geopolitics / politics, history and counter-factual history.
I'm a 4th-generation Australian (all my ancestors were free settlers) from a British background.

I'm also on LinkedIn for those of you who know me and are already on there.

I've always been single because I'm yet to meet a single nice Christian lady around my age (and one without 'baggage'). Indeed, so many women are self-centred and / or misandrists these days that I'm yet to be convinced that such people even exist.

John Cleverdon

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