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LocoPage is a Web site about Australian diesel and electric locomotives.
LocoPage provides builders numbers, preservation details and a fleetlist for most classes of diesel and electric locos in Australia. A downloadable database is also available.

Guide to the Information
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Locomotive Builders Numbers


Preserved Locomotives


Locomotive Fleetlist
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A Brief History of Locopage

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Last update (downloadable database): Monday, 22 December, 2014
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Monday, 22 December, 2014


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The original Locopage was a much larger (in terms of content/volume) site on the Railpage server at This original site had many pages on individual locomotive classes as well as an extensive photo album (over 1800 photos). A copy of the original site (dating from mid-2008) can now be found at WebArchive.
Due to being quite busy at work (as a draftsman) as well as having other hobbies of astronomy and 4WD'ing, it became impractical by late 2009 to be able to maintain this site to the standard necessary to keep all the content up-to-date; and therefore the pages on individual loco classes gradually became out-of-date.
The only way to keep 'Locopage' going was therefore, at the end of 2009, to have a much smaller site, keeping only the pages that did not require much effort to maintain. Of course, no further work will be done on the original site.

From 2015, Locopage will no longer be updated; this is because I am still busy at work and want to reduce the amount of time spent on the home computer.

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