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Note: This is not an official web page, but rather something I have put together for those who may be interested mapping links for the Spatial Sciences.

What are the Spatial Sciences?
Spatial Science includes such fields as mapping/cartography, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), surveying, GPS, aerial/satellite imagery, and photogrammetry.
It is a growth area, given the potential use for such things as GIS.
For more information, see the Destination Spatial website.
For the layman, GIS software is a combination of mapping and database software. If you have information in a database that has some geographic aspect to it, then you may be able to use it in a GIS. As such, there is enormous potential for its use.

The list of links below is by no means intended to be comprehensive but rather a 'starting point'.

Professional & Business Membership

Tertiary Study


Publications / News

Mapping on the web

I also have a list of mapping links on my 4WD web page; this includes links to some of the above websites.

See also my KMZ samples page for what I have been up to with creating KMZ files for Google Earth.

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