Railway Map of Victoria

This site contains a railway map of Victoria, set up in bitmap format.

This is a clickable map; click on the relevant section to view the detailed map. The only way to move between the detailed maps is to come back to this page. There are scales and legends on each of the 8 individual maps.

I have not included the Melbourne and Ballarat areas; this is because they are too detailed for a map of this scale.

I also have available a copy of the map in Adobe PDF format. Click here to download a copy of the map - 200 kB (it is a zip file, so you will need WinZip or a similar program to unzip it). This PDF file is around 1.4 MB in size unzipped. To view the PDF map, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer, this can be found at the Adobe web site.

The idea for this map came from a similar site set up by Rolfe Bozier, with railway maps of New South Wales. After looking at his site, and getting tips from him, I began planning this site.

Data Sources:

  • For the main lines, and later-closed branchlines, the data comes from computers with MapInfo.
  • For the earlier-closed branchlines, and lines into NSW and SA, the data came from a digitised 1:1 million scale map of Victoria (using Microstation).
  • The sections of standard gauge from Melbourne to Albury and Melbourne to Geelong were basic lines drawn parallel to the main line, once in CorelDraw.
  • The station locations were based on larger-scaled maps.
  • The opening dates for the lines came primarily from a list in ARHS Bulletin from a few years back.

  • Production Method:
    Both sets of data were exported from the original programs as DXF files, and then imported into CorelDraw. The two datasets were merged, and where there were duplicated lines, the MapInfo data was the data used, because it had higher accuracy.
    With this done, the stations were added, and the lines were broken up, according to their opening date. The lines were then colour-coded.
    Once this was complete, the original map was divided up into eight segments, and each segment was individually exported as a GIF file.
    Finally, these files were opened in PaintShopPro, where the station names were added. Work was also done in CorelPhotoPaint.

    The PDF map was produced simply by exporting the map from CorelDraw.

    Some other web sites with Australian railway maps:

  • Railway maps of New South Wales by Rolfe Bozier. This is an excellent site, and includes animated maps of the NSW network, along with detailed maps of individual lines.
  • Railway maps of Victoria by Andrew Waugh. An excellent series of maps, dating every 10 years from 1860-2000 inclusive.
  • Railway map of Victoria by Mark Bau (NOTE: this map is approx 1.2MB, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it)
  • Railway maps of Australia by Chris Brownbill
  • Signalling diagrams for Melbourne by Chris Gordon
  • Railway maps of Victoria by Chris Gordon
  • Railway maps of Australia as KML (Google Earth) files by 'Hairylegs'
  • Vicmap Data - Railways
  • South Australian rail network - spatial data 
  • 2014 Railway Map of Australia by Geoscience Australia (note: this is a 48MB PDF file)
  • Queensland rail network - spatial data

  • Copyright 1999-2014 John Cleverdon 

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