Gateway 4WD - Videos from trips

In 2008, I started taking videos while on Gateway 4WD trips. After the March 2010 trip, I decided to put the best of the video clips online, and so here they are. I will take a break from recording videos as from after May 2010.

Click on the links to view Gateway 4WD videos on YouTube. To save copies of the videos, you can go to the website at:

The original video footage was 480x640 and in AVI format; to cut down the size of the files for uploading, this has been changed to 240x360 and in MPEG format.

You will need a broadband connection to view these videos. The clips are genrally 15-40 seconds long.

You can also view these vidoes on Flickr at:

Gateway 4WD'er Adrian Price has also put some of his videos online at:

Craigs Hut - Lake Cobbler trip: 24 to 25-5-2008
Moliagul/Pyrenees trip: 7 to 9-6-2008
Toolangi/Black Range trip: 29-11-2008
Dargo/Talbotville trip: 10 to 14-4-2009
Snow trip: 8-8-2009
Grampians trip: 31-10 to 3-11-2009
O'Tooles Flat trip: 5 to 6-12-2009
Bunyip State Park trip: 20-2-2010
Walhalla trip: 6-3-2010
Beachport trip: 1 to 5-4-2010
Sheepyard Flat trip: 15 to 16-5-2010
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